This Week in Pikes Peak History – January 1st and 2nd

January 1, 1876:
“On Wednesday last Assistant O’Keefe, of the Signal office at this place, left the Lake House for the summit of the Peak. When at the edge of timber line, the wind which was blowing a gale, blew a pack mule loaded with provisions that O’Keefe was taking to the Peak, off the trail and down a steep cliff some two hundred feet. The mule was badly hurt, and Assistant O’Keefe was obliged to return to the Lake House for the night.”
– Colorado Springs Gazette

January 2, 1875:
“Mr. William Phoedovius, the officer in charge of the Signal Station on the Summit of the Peak, has been taking holiday in Colorado Springs for a few days. He reports that even life on the Peak has its pleasures, and that capital skating is to be had on the Lake at Timber-line, the ice being in first rate condition.
– Colorado Springs Gazette

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